Take the time to take the time, Mama


I don't have enough time to have enough time. Really? YES, really. I really hear this, I really say this. I really repeat this. Really. Even in quarantine, when most of the world is in a rest, a hibernation, we still seem to run out of time for ourselves. We are mamas, we are focused, we are raising our babies in a CRAZY time. We must make time to make time for ourselves too. 

How much CUMULATIVE time do we sit in front of our phones on social media? How much CUMULATIVE time do we spend in front of the TV? (don't get me wrong Mama, I love my TV as much as the next sister, but come on...)

How about we cut it back, we cut it in half, we cut it in a third. How about we take a clean, honest look at what we are doing with our 12 hours a day. 

What does your time picture look like, compared to what you WANT it to look like? Take the next 48 hours and do a time study. Write out how you spend your time, or track it in your phone. Then, when complete, take a bird's eye view on your TIME PICTURE and see what you see. 


Why don't we take the time to take the time? 

Why do we put everyone and everything before us, if we know how important our own sanity is? 

What do we need to do, to change, to be, to have to make the time to take the time? 

How does movement serve you? Privacy serve you? Whatever else you would do MORE OF in your ideal serve you? 

How could more time for us serve those we serve? 



  • Have a schedule. Schedule YOU time in. I know it sounds silly, but if you don't schedule it, it won't happen. 

  • Have an accountability buddy, outside the home, that has not motive but to see you be great. 

  • And last but NO WAY LEAST, have a plan, a program to follow, to help you find the solutions you want to realize!

Please, take a moment and share with us. Let us know what your thoughts are, our community is a strong one. 

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Organizing your time is key to manifesting exactly what you want! Start with a blank version of the “time structure”, and fill in step by step how you spend your time in your ideal. This exercise is most productive after a week long time study. 


Start recording how you use your time, beginning today. Record each activity that you do throughout the day, as well as how much money it makes you or how many dollars per hour it is worth. If you don’t know an exact figure, use your best “guesstimate.”  The number you should use is either 1) How much you could pay someone else to do the activity for you; or 2) How much profit you make when you do that particular activity. (Remember some things in life are priceless)

Once you’ve finished one week’s worth of daily worksheets, go to the “Weekly Summary” sheet at the end of this section and list all your activities for the week in the appropriate categories, along with how many hours you spent doing them.



Weekly Commitments: These are activities that reoccur weekly. They are part of routine, not likely to change any time soon. Examples: workout class, Girl Scout meeting, church, meet the school bus, cook dinner. 

Date Time: This is time with your love. If you are single, plan it with yourself. It can be an evening, afternoon, or an entire day! 

Major Outcome Activities (MOA)This is your focus time. It is when you create, focus and manifest major outcomes for what you want. It is important to not go more than three hours straight on these, as after a few hours (1 or 2 hours for some) it is hard to focus. There can be NO DISTRACTIONS during this time. If you need to, go to a coffee shop or library to get this done. No phones or emails! 

Busy Time: This is time that you are getting “life” done. Ex: errands, cleaning, grocery shopping, car washing……

Your Time: This is time you spend with yourself, having fun, doing hobbies, going to the movies, etc. this is your time to FEED YOUR SOUL! 


  • Make your time structure colorful and fun. 

  • Remember, this is a living document; you can change it any anytime! As your life evolves and changes, so will your schedule. 

  • If during the week you have an interruption in your “plan”, schedule the interrupted time in another spot that week. 

  • Once completed and reviewed with me, share this with your family and coworkers. They can help hold you accountable. 

Use this one and use LOTS of color! 

blank time structure - Sheet1.pdf


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  1. I love the tips at the end. I'm going to start scheduling and coding this way! --Sarah

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