It's getting real out there!
I'm a Chiropractor. People assume that I treat pain, I guess because of my tribe's message. They talk about fixing THIS PAIN and THAT PAIN and being the CURE. This messaging has NEVER resonated with me. I like to think that I move people through pain, rather than fix it. 

I talk a lot about the emotions behind the pain with my practice members, and I often get push back. Who would want to feel this pain? Why not just take an Advil? I have to get on with my life, my roles, my jobs, my wants, my passions and I don't have time to feel this pain, Dr. Jodi! 

People come to me and actually expect me to make it all go away, not be there anymore, poof! I share from my heart with them, with all of the love I can muster, that THIS SHIT NEEDS TO BE FELT. And, I am here to tell you why. 

Last week we studied time. We looked at it, smelled it, chewed it up, and spit it back out to a new map of a Time Study. Remember? It looked like having rest time and YOU time and work time....and guess, my friends, what happens if we don't "fit" that time in! Our bodies start to signal to us. They signal harder and harder until the signal LITERALLY stops us in our tracks. 

It's not about the pain, but it is TOTALLY about the PAIN. It's about sitting, and sleeping and resting and integrating. It's about listening and yielding to the things we want to put off, the emotions we want to mismatch. Well, let me tell you sister, you can't dodge them when your back goes out, or you have a migraine, or your neck is so tight you can't pick your kid up. 

When we feel this pain in our body, we initially freak out, hold our breath, project all of what it is going to mean, and look like, and translate to if we are broken. How are we going to show up for all of our stuff, appointments, duties as a MAMA WARRIOR? What about this and that and those and know this song. I know you do. Well, here is the deal Mama, the only way past it is through it. You can take all the Tylenol and Advil and this and that you want, but THE STORY will come back and bite you right where the sun doesn't shine. IT NEEDS TO BE TOLD. And you, my love, need to be still for it. 

So what does that mean? Who is going to wait on me while I am in my bed FEELING IT. Figure it out mama. Figure out how to have those who love you, carry you. Get in bed, get in your corner, your space in the world, and feel. Even if it is just for a day, a few days, an hour, a few hours. THIS IS WHAT YOUR BODY IS SIGNALING TO YOU. 

Think about our animal friends who go and hibernate while giving birth. They go in their hole, they hide from their tribe and they FEEL their rhythm until their babe is born. Find your cave Mama, and give birth to the NEW YOU. 

This week I had a pain go through my spine that felt so big that I didn't think I would be able to survive it. I watched it all go down, in slow motion, like I was OUTSIDE of my experience looking in. I thought, while it was happening, that because of quarantine, this was the FIRST TIME I would be able to JUST BE; to sleep and cry and heal, because of quarantine. 

This pain that I was enduring would give me permission to experience the PAUSE that the rest of the world was experiencing. Apparently, it took a HUGE WAVE of information to process to get me to really, really rest. And I did, and I am. I have processed more in the past week than I have in the past year. I have 20/20 vision on so much more because of this PAIN PATTERN MOVING THROUGH. And today I will get adjusted, to create more space to process it. That is what my chiropractor does. The role of my healing facilitators is to create space, hold space and remind me of space, so that my body can do what it needs to do. 

  • Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream- This stuff is the real deal. Lovely, minty cream to rub into the muscles that are feeling STUCK. 
  • Panaway Essential Oil- I like to diffuse this stuff, when I am in pain, around pain, afraid of pain. 
  • Release Essential Oil- not sure this is my FAVORITE smelling oil, but it REALLY supports release. Emotional, physical and spiritual. 
  • Peace and Calming Essential Oil- ok, mamas, pull up your britches because this is one of the most FANTASTIC oils, one of my ABSOLUTE go to's. 
  • Valor Essential Oil- They call this oil the ADJUSTMENT IN THE BOTTLE. I don't love this term, but I get it, because of how soothing it is to the nerve system. 

8-10 drops Panaway
8-10 drops Release
8-10 drops Valor
Water & love. 

If you love this stuff....CLICK HERE to get my guide to SELF SOOTHING THE MAMA WARRIOR! 

Disclaimer: Don't be stupid Mama. If you are in serious pain, call your doctor. Call 911. The content in this blog is referring to everyday signaling. 

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