Dear Mama Warrior,
Dear Mama Warrior, 

I get that you are scared. I get that your bravery is to self soothe the aches and pains that lay under it. I get that you want to be heard, your hand is up, it is waiving to be called on. I see you trying and soothing and using your hands in every-way you know how to respond and love and give. I hold you accountable for being a Warrior, for your greatness. 

I know that your greatness came from a need to be strong and get through it, because at times getting through it was all you could do. There are answers for you, you are so connected and loved and seen, you just have to slow down and find quiet and ask. Stop moving, stop talking, stop looking. Just ask. Just listen. 

I won't tell you to calm down or chill out. I won't say that in time it will come. It is here. You are warm. You are held and seen and loved Mama Warrior. You are everything, right now, and you count.

I know that the food and the booze and the this and the that HIT IT JUST RIGHT, and I also know, that BECAUSE of your wisdom and your connection, you will choose movement and practice and to TRULY do the work. You choose the right path mama and the right path will be RIGHT HERE, every time. 

You CAN stay committed, you CAN see this through, you CAN be a force of good in this world. Your voice IS loud and clear and needed. Any when you SING YOUR SONG to us, I will not leave you. I will not go ANYWHERE to lead you to feel a MOMENT of feeling abandoned. You are NOT too much or too intense or too colorful. You are just right. You are a Mama Warrior. 

Whomever or Whatever you need. 


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