Maybe Never Happens
I don't know is the only wrong answer.
I know that if asked the right questions, pointed in the right direction, and given the right support, we can accomplish ANYTHING. Those of us that set out to conquer, in a big, badass way, don't say MAYBE when asked if you are going to do it. We usually respond with a HELL YEAH. In my experience, three components are need fo realize accomplishment: We need to know where we are starting. We need to know where we are heading. We need to know that we have what it takes to get there. 

Maybe Never Happens. Maybe I will start, maybe I will go, maybe I will commit. In my experience, the MAYBE'S hang out in the doubters' corner with the could've and the would've and the should've. Not my game, not for this Mama Warrior. I am all in, with everything I do. I don't do a lot, but what I do, I really jump in and grab on and shake and prod and explore until the essence of what I am doing is dripping from my pores. Got it? That is who I am because that is how the world makes sense to me. 

True Humility Drives Deep. Rewind to Dr. Jodi at age 12. I was at a public pool walking by a group of boys who I knew from school. I was in my happy bubble; filled with silliness and quiet thoughts of ice cream cones, stinky towels and wrinkled fingertips. These boys were cocky, arrogant, & insecure little shits, but at the time they were THE crew, the COOL kids. One of them (no names here) pointed at me laughing and said to his following Minions, "She's all odd shaped and what not." They all laughed; time stood still. My face got hot, I started to sweat, I wanted to run, but I was frozen. In that moment my bubble popped. I saw cruelty without warrant. It went so deep it still shakes me when I think about it. The irony; the Minion could have not been more right. 

The Truth in the Message. When someone says something that drives deep, there is a piece of truth to it to dance with and explore. I am odd shaped, in the best of ways. I have been my whole life. I fit in my mold that I carved out in the name of protection and comfort. My mold works for me, and it has taken 46 years to take shape and fit just so. My work supports the Mama Warrior in creating her mold and customizing it to fit her just right, so her path is one of great joy. 

Let's Play. Here's to the joyful journey my friends. Here's to the HELL YEAH's and the ALL IN'S. Here is to the pain points that have marked us; that have brutally and so authentically directed the turns of our paths. Let's play with your vision of the BEST VERSION of you and truly make it happen, now. Let's set out on a journey of betterment for your family, your community, the world you live in, but mostly for you Mama Warrior. It's time, otherwise you would not be here, now, reading these words. 

Oily Love to Support These Concepts


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