This is FOR SURE not the time to pretend that you've got it together, act as if everything’s OK, walk around with a smile, even if it is under a mask. 

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This is the time to look at your stuff, get your stuff in order, do the work, get organized, and know that you are doing the very best that you can to be in the world in this moment. 

This is the time, when your friend calls to see how you are, you put WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING down, and really share HOW YOU ARE. We need each other, we need to LEAN and LISTEN and SHARE. 

And...we need to clear. 

There are tools to support in getting organized, clearing your mind, brain dump and get a REAL PERSPECTIVE on what is swimming around up there. 

Last week we focused on organizing our time. Email me HERE to get my TIME challenge.

This week we are focusing on creating the best possible TO DO LIST you could ever imagine. This stuff really works. It is awesome. When you write a to do list that is truly affective something happens to those words on the page, and somehow your world opens up and gets a little bit bigger. 

To clear your mind in this way, with creativity and color and excitement, becomes a habitual tool that once you become used to it you can’t live without. 

It’s something that I do at least twice a week, it’s the only way I can move through the world as fast as I do and get as much done as I do I hope you really enjoy this experience.

Some people love typing; some people love writing; some people love storyboarding; some people love drawing. No matter what connection you feel most, I still want you to take a pen and a blank sheet of paper and do this assignment, like the boss that you are. This is a creative piece, and requires the written word. It doesn’t go as well if you do it on a computer. Or your phone. Take the pen take a piece of paper and go for it. 

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Oily Tools: 
The BEST oils to diffuse for this work is PRESENT TIME and PEACE AND CALMING

5 drops Present Time
5 drops Peace and Calming
Good water

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Loving you from here. Thanks for playing, 


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