Self care is one of those things for so many women that goes on the back burner as soon as our plates fill up. We think to ourselves consistently, over and over, I will get to it....I will find the time ....but first I need to do this ....and I need to take care of that, and I need to serve this person and do for that person. 

The time is now that we need to put self care on the front line. 

I used to have an Assistant that would say if mama ain’t happy nobody happy. There was so much truth in those words. I don't think i really understood the magnitude of the statement until recently. Until I got lost with this, with self care, then they popped into my head like a lightbulb, and resonated so hard. 

Whether you are a mom, a sister , a daughter, a friend; self care is imperative to get through this time. 

So let’s look at what Self care loos like ! How do you nourish, nurture and optimize your physical emotional and spiritual body? 

What does nourishment look like for you? 

Does it look like picking foods and creams and oils and body-care that are high-quality, not complicated, only does your body good? Or does nourishment look like indulging in extravagant chocolate, a great class of organic wine, a cigarette now and again, or something else? 

And when we talk about nurturing, this is where people get more stuck. 

Somehow in our society we feel that we don’t deserve or have not earned time to nurture ourselves. We don’t rest, we keep going, we push and push and push, until we break. We don’t listen to the symptoms that our body gives us; to tell us that nurturing is essential

We mask our symptoms; mute them, cut them out, shut them off. 

All in the name to keep forging on to do what? 

Nurturing is essential. It’s essential to wellness and health and thriving. We all deserve to thrive. 

And then we take a look at the idea of optimizing our body. 

We think maybe one day, maybe someday, but not today. 

Today I have to do XYAnd z. Today doesn’t work for me, today is the day that I have to give to this person and that person. 

Today is not the day to optimize my body, and my body will not thrive. My body will stay stagnant. 

Delete! Delete all of that crazy shit that tells you that you don’t deserve to come first. Delete any excuse to not optimize your body, now! 

My favorite way to move towards body optimization is to pick one thing. One goal. And do it for 30 days. 

Every day no matter what-get it done. Get it accomplished. Remember that you can do anything you put your mind to. Here is a challenge I have created for the women of this community to explore body optimization. Have fun with it. 

So the point of this share is to spark a curiosity inside of you, to explore and dance with self-care. Because we need it, we deserve it. 

For me, my self care picture looks like weekly chiropractic adjustments, daily exercise, lots of water and great food, lots of stolen kisses with my honey, really good supplements, plenty of rest, a lot of essential oils, spending time with good friends, staying connected to my kids, keeping my kitchen clean, expressing my truth when it needs to be expressed, giving to my community, bubble baths, sacred space, and so much more. 

How about you? What does self care look like for you? Share with us. 

I am so proud of Reset90, my body optimization program. It is all about self care, self love, accountability, and keeping it real. Enjoy this video to learn more! 


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