Do you have a ritual for the mornings? Do you wake up and GET TO IT? Do you sit, sip, contemplate? Before the kids get up? Before the Partner gets up? Do you wake up and move, stretch, plan? 

For me, the early morning is the ONLY quiet time in the house. I literally roll out of bed, put the glasses on, get the coffee and start writing. I love quiet. I love when NO ONE is interrupting my thought process. 

I make sure that this SACRED TIME is happening for me, every day. OR...I LOSE IT. 

Once everyone starts to wake up around here, I get up and support the family. I have done SO MANY time management exercises, and I ALWAYS default to this morning ritual. Or, I LOSE IT. Got it? 

I went ahead and created a list of 10 things we need to do RIGHT NOW, to not lose it. To keep our shidigels together with the upcoming fall. 


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