Some of us think about self nourishment and we immediately think of being self-centered and taking too much time for ourselves; not giving enough to others. 

Others think about nourishing ourselves and we feel a sense of entitlement and connect to what we deserve in this moment because of what we do and who we give to and how we move through the world. 

Nourishment is a component of self-care that is has so many gray areas, so many variables depending on who’s self-care picture we are looking at. 

In my world, these days especially, nourishment looks like a bowl hot vegetable soup at the end of a long day, getting into my bed (which is my happy place), and sharing my day with my husband. 

All of these things make me feel completely nourished. 

There is also a list of things I do on a daily basis, that NOURISHES me, but doesn't necessarily NURTURE me. NOURISHMENT WITHOUT FEELING. 

Nourishment without feeling in my world shows up as taking my supplements, getting my workout in, connecting with my weekly to do list and getting it done, leaving nothing unchecked in my mind. It’s a different level of nourishment from the vegetable soup and the cuddles.

I think it would be interesting to study how we learn nourishment from our parents, handed down from generation to generation. I know in my lineage I had to relearn this piece, as it was the last piece that was ever addressed growing up.

I watch the older people in my bloodline and although they nourish themselves in ways that don’t necessarily resonate with me, there is still a place for it to happen. It is not intentionally done, it is obligation sourced. Make sense? 

For me, nourishment equals self-love. We all move through self-love and different ways. Either on the defensive or the offensive. 

Nourishment is our way of putting self love into action. Self nourishment anyway.

Oily Tool for the week:
Yep. There is an oil for THAT! Because there is an oil for EVERYTHING! 
This week we are highlighting PEACE AND CALMING. This stuff...oh man....soooooo good. 

Challenge for the week:
Spend three days with me. Let's look at how you are nourishing yourself with FOOD. What is your intake? Is it enough? Too much? Does it need to be tweaked? 


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