Self Care for the Mama Warrior 101

with Dr. Jodi Dinnerman  

The idea came to me one day....

I work really hard. I play hard, I MOM hard and I love hard. I need tools to support my intensity. I attract people that are SUPPORTERS, because I am such a driver. They love SOFTLY, eat SOFTLY, move SOFTLY. They need tools to support their delicacy. 

This ZOOMSHOP is all about tools. Tools for the mama warrior to put in her back pocket of her BIG GIRL PANTS that get pulled up 50 times a day (metaphor my friends). 

I am MORE THAN HONORED to spend an hour of your time with you, from the comfort of your home, sharing the tools that make sense to my world. I have been using them for OVER 2 DECADES and I (hands down) consider myself an expert. 

Please share with your SOFT MAMAS and your DRIVER MAMAS. You never know how supporting them can support you right back. 

Talk soon, see you in Zoom Land. 

Dr. Jodi Dinnerman

CELL 908-399-3499